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Hookah allows you to smoke Herbs to increase your Fumeology skill.

Up to 3 different herbs can be placed in the hookah for smoking.

It requires a Charcoal to light it and a Jug of Water to turn it off or clean.


Hookahs can be assembled through click on ground Build a Hookah and require the following materials:


The number of points depends on the quality of the hookah bowl:

Quality - ~ 6800 23 - ~ 1100 11 - X X


In addition to its basic quality, you can receive during an event, a hookah improvement kit, allowing you to improve your hookah in any School of Art and Music. You can consider that the quality of your hookah is then increased tenfold.

Ordinary hookah

The basic hookah, common, can be of 9999 maximum quality.

Ordinary Hookah.png

Hookah of the Master

This hookah has been improved with a kit of Master.


Scribe's Hookah

This hookah has been improved with a Scribe kit.

Scribe Hookah.png

Student hookah

This hookah has been improved with a student kit.

Upgraded Hookah.png

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