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Weight 1
Bulk 1


It is produced in a Charcoal Hearth, Charcoal Oven, or Charcoal Brazier. It can also be produced less efficiently in a Firepit, or much less efficiently in a Simple Bonfire.



Charcoal is used as a fuel in many buildings, most notably forges, Glazier's Benches, and most furnaces.

Research and Tuition

Required By

Aromatics, Brass, Bronze, Cement, Chemistry, Electrum, Fleet Furnace, Glassblowing, Laboratory, Moon Steel, Mortar Construction, Pewter, Pyrolysis, Skill/Ecology/5, Skill/Salvage Techniques/2, Skill/Structure Repair/2, Steel, Technology/Pyrolysis/2, Technology/Pyrolysis/3, Test of Towers, Test of the Seven Phoenix, Thoth's Metal, Water Metal, Wood Treatment

Produced By

Charcoal Brazier, Charcoal Hearth, Charcoal Oven, Firepit