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Limestone is a sedimentary rock found in natural deposits around Egypt.

It can be gathered with:

With manual gathering, it's a good idea to bring multiple chisels when gathering limestone. Flint chisels have a tendency to shatter with use. Manually gathering limestone uses Endurance, so food that boosts End helps a lot.

Example, to give you some idea of costs: Gathering 300 limestone with no endurance boost took me 2 hours 38 minutes, and broke 15 chisels and 4 hammers.


  • While gathering, you may also get Soda with a 20-25% chance per hit, as a byproduct.
  • With a Lead Chisel and Heavy Mallet, ~10% yields for Soda are more likely. (Data 7/2/2021: 333 gathers yielded 999 limestone and 124 soda.)
  • 60 needed to build a Night Sky Table.

Research and Tuition

Limestone deposits are bright white and easy to notice.

Required By

Lime Emulsion, Night Sky Table, Pyramid Construction, Pyrolysis, Technology/Pyrolysis/1, Test of the Tomb of the Immortal, Tomb of the Immortal

Produced By


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