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Test of the Tomb of the Immortal

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The Test of the Tomb of the Immortal
The Test of the Tomb of the Immortal
(Test - Thought)

Thwart future generations of grave robbers by constructing puzzles to lock away our treasures and secrets.


Test Description

You learn to construct Tombs of the Immortal, puzzles designed to thwart future generation grave robbers from plundering our treasures and secrets. By honing our skills, by challenging each other to solve and fortify these puzzles, our legacy may live.


The task of Tomb of the Immortal guides you through the creation of your Tomb, until you open it for judging.

  • Build a Tomb of the Immortal (awards a Talent Point)
  • Design and Open a Tomb for Judging(awards a Talent Point)
  • Have Judges rate your ToI Good or Better on average. (awards a Talent Point)
  • Tear down your Tomb, OR do the following:
    • Have Seven Judges solve and rate the puzzle (awards a Talent Point)
    • Design rated Good by most judges
  • All of the above, OR solve three recent winning Tombs
  • Have your design recognized as the greatest in Egypt

Additional Information

This is the fifth test in the discipline of Thought.

The Test of the Tomb of the Immortal challenges you to build a sliding block puzzle that your fellow Egyptians will find enjoyable to play.


The tomb consists of a rectangular board with a maximum size of 8x8. In it are multiple coffins of length two or three, and at least one sarcophagus also of length two or three. Each of these pieces can be moved lengthwise by clicking on the end of it opposite the direction you want it to move, and if there is no other piece blocking it (example: to slide a coffin to the right, you would click on its left end to "push" it right).

There will be one or more openings along the walls which you can slide either coffins or sarcophagi out of and permanently remove them from the board. The goal of the puzzle is to remove all sarcophagi from the board.

Passing the Test

Each week, the two highest-rated puzzles will pass.

Tomb of the Immortal Locations

Region Coordinates Owner Passed? Notes
Bernike 2946, -1100 RoaminUmp yes just S of chariot
VoQ 791, -4191 kirie 2018-08-26 -
VoQ 791, -4194 kirei 2018-10-22 -
VoQ 782, -4194 Kalmkitty Yes Art Park
VoQ 779, -4201 Sabuli no Art Park
Koptos 734, -1765 Jyin no -
Koptos 841, -1733 Zephyr no -
Koptos 843, -1731 Kay no -
East Sinai 4285, 6946 KayGee no North of CS
East Sinai 4285, 6941 khalil no North of CS
East Sinai 4285, 6937 sahira no North of CS
East Sinai 4222, 6712 Isabelin no SW from the CS
Red Sea 1811, 1942 Jazkar no West from Asyut CS
Tanis 1034, 6796 Peabody no South of CS

Adding to the Map

To add to the map just copy the following line and change it into your values

(PinGrT) 942, -1772, Jyin, Tomb of the Immortal

Just adding to the table doesn't add to the map, you need to add the above line to the CondMap with the others

Tomb of the Immortal Map