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Night Sky Table

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Night Sky Table
Night Sky Table
Small Construction Site
Cost to Build
Clay Lamp 1
Clay 80
Dried Papyrus 20
Flint Blades 9
Limestone 60
Rope 30
Sharpened Stick 2


Also called a Constellation Table, it's a player-made puzzle for the Puzzle in the Night Sky task.


This building becomes available after learning Stonework


Design Stage

When the table is in design mode:

  • Add a Star (pinhole) by left clicking on the table. Each Star requires 1 extra Clay Lamp. To make the star brighter, click again at the same place (two stars on top of each other will double the glow effect).
  • Remove a Star (pinhole) by right clicking on the star.

Note: You are allowed a maximum of 21 Stars per table.

  • To add a cloud (piece), click on the edge of the table and select "Add a Piece...".
  • To move a cloud (piece), left click and drag it
  • To rotate a cloud (piece), right click and drag it
  • Remove a cloud by dragging it to the edge of the table. Do not drag the piece beyond the edge of the table before releasing mouse button or it won't delete.

Clouds available

Boot Hexagram Isis' Throne Kite L-Block Maat PacmanPentagram Pet Pyramid 1 Pyramid 2 Square V-Kite

Once all the stars are covered by clouds, you can open the piece for judging.
Made sure that the stars are placed before the clouds or the table might not complete.