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Limestone Auger

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Limestone Auger
Limestone Auger
Small Construction Site
Cost to Build
Iron: hard, corrosion-resistant 25
Boards 100
Bolts 25
Iron Medium Gears 5
Iron Straps 10
Screw Gear 1
Washers 50

The Limestone Auger is a steam building allowing automatic Limestone and Soda harvest.

Must be built on a Limestone deposit. Must be built more than 3 coordinates minimum from another auger to not interfere.



You cannot take the Limestone and Soda while the auger is working. You must stop the auger, take the materials, then restart the auger.

Other Upgrades

Limestone Augers may be Tuned using the Mechanics skill, to operate more quickly. They may be further upgraded using a Springbox to run more quickly still. Data is needed on how much of an improvement a given Springbox can make.