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Weight 1
Bulk 1


Made in a Casting Box.


In a Student's Casting Box:

Makes 12 and requires 2 minutes to cool.

In a Master's Casting Box:

Makes 60 and requires 4 minutes to cool. The bulk batch requires Casting 2.


variable amounts needed for the Strengthen the Mechanism upgrades for a Raeli Oven

Research and Tuition

Required By

Chemical Bath, Chemistry, Chemistry Laboratory, Essential Macerator, Gem Cutting Table, High Pressure Steam Engine, Large Steam Engine, Limestone Auger, Medium Steam Engine, Small Steam Engine, Steam Distaff, Steam Kiln, Steam Mechanics, Steam Rock Saw, Steam Silt Collector, Thistle Garden, Whisperer's Fly Rod

Produced By

Casting Box, Student's Casting Box