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(Skill - Thought)
Learned From

School of Thought

Clay 10


Allows for the building of a Pottery Wheel in a Compound, but not until you've learned Stonework


Level XP Needed to advance Unlocks
1 50
2 150
3 1800


Action XP Value
Mould a Jug on a Pottery Wheel 2
Mould a Clay Mortar on a Potter Wheel 0
Fire Firebricks in Box Kiln 16 per full load (100)
Fire Firebricks in True Kiln 1 per 6 bricks
Fire Wet Jugs in Kiln 2 per item
Fire Wet Clay Mortars in Kiln 3 per item
Fire Wet Clay Bricks in Kiln
Fire Wet Clay Bricks in Reinforced Kiln 5 per full load
Steep Canvas in a Tub ?
Steep Wool Cloth in a Tub ?
Make a Clay Lamp 25 per item
Mould a Wet Clay Cookpot on a Pottery Wheel 10 per item
Fire a Wet Clay Cookpot in a Kiln 10 per item

Required By

Pipe Segment (Wet), Vault Kiln