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Weight 1
Bulk 1


Sand is all over the place (you are in a desert, after all).

When standing on a patch of sand, an action icon appears with a sand in bucket. Click that action icon and the game will ask you for the quantity of sand you would like to pick up. Enter a number or click the Max button to get 100 db.


Most of the sand you can pick up is basic, however in some special locations, the sand becomes Red Sand or White Sand.

Action Icon

Sand action icon


Building Count Verified
Ant Colony 100 ?
Compost Mixer 100 ?
Fungus Farm 100 ?
Glazier's Bench 1200
Master's Casting Box 12000 ?
Papyrus Tank 77
Student's Casting Box 1200 ?

Research and Tuition

These numbers not verified for Tale 8!

Required By

Ant Colony, Bricks, Compost Mixer, Fungus Farm, Glassblowing, Glazier's Bench, Hydroponics, Master's Casting Box, Myrmecology, Papyrus Tank, Student's Casting Box, Wet Firebricks


Depending on your Arthropodology skill level, gathering Sand can produce Blister Beetles, Clay Slugs, White Mealybugs, Mud Asps, Pickel Slugs, Queen Maggots, and Corkscrew Asps.