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White Sand

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White Sand
White Sand
Weight 10
Bulk 1


White Sand is found in small, isolated patches around Egypt. It is collected just like regular sand (by using the Action Icons).

White sand.png


Caution: White Sand weighs 10 deben per unit of sand. Plan accordingly and eat Strength food if you have to walk far to get it.


Building Count Verified
Acoustics Laboratory 400 ?

Required By

Acoustics Laboratory, Chemistry, Crystal Acoustics, Lapidary, Myrmecology, Test of the Covered Cartouche


  • The white sand at Avaris (2195, 2080) has 4 public jewel glass benches.
  • The white sand at Blue Nile (-303, -6745) has 2 public jewel glass benches.

You can edit the map here: Maps/White Sand.

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