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Weight 20
Bulk 1

Tar is a sticky, heavy substance obtained from tar pits, found in a few places around Egypt.


Collected from Tar Pits. Weight 20 / Bulk 1 per unit of tar.


  • 10 needed to build a Ranch water trough

In Prior Tales:

Building Count Verified
Aqueduct Tower 20 ?
Small Sailboat 10 ?
Stable 10
Technology/Shipwright/1 1 ?

Research and Tuition

In Prior Tales:

Required By

Aqueduct Tower, Aqueduct Tower, Cartouche, Cooperage, Haunt of Beast, Master Schooner, Obelisk Construction, Ranch, Shipwright, Small Sailboat, Small Sailboat, Stable, Stable, Technology/Obelisk Construction/6, Technology/Shipwright/1, Test of the Covered Cartouche


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