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Master Schooner

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Master Schooner
Master Schooner
Medium Construction Site
Cost to Build
Boards 1,000
Gold Foil 100
Iron 500
Nails 1,000
Pulleys 10
Rope 200
Sail 50
Steel Cable 5
Bronze Straps 50
Tar 100
Glossy, Rotproof Boards 1,000

A Master Schooner can be used to sail into deep water as part of the Test of Isis Bounty.


This building becomes available after once you have advanced Shipwright 4 (Skill).


Built Outside in a Medium Construction Site.


Build the sailboat along a shoreline, then board the boat to travel across the water.

The Master Schooner is operated in the same way as the Small Sailboat with the following differences:

  • Master's Schooners never come apart at sea: they will not sink during normal sailing.
  • Master's Schooners do not decay: they can sit in port indefinitely.
  • Master's Schooners are Not indestructible: if repeatedly slammed into the coastline, it is wise to repair them.
  • Master's Schooners may be fitted with Sturdy Winches (see Winches and Treasure Caches section).
  • Master's Schooners have cargo holds.


In order to find and retrieve Treasure from a Treasure Cache, the boat must be upgraded with a Winch. A Light Winch costs:

Light Winches allow Treasure to be recovered from 'ordinary' Treasure Caches. To recover Treasure from Ancient Treasure Caches requires a Master Schooner with a Sturdy Winch installed.

Sturdy Winches cost (requires Shipwright 5):

Cargo Holds

The base capacity of a Master's Schooner's cargo hold is 25000 Deben.