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Small Sailboat

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Small Sailboat
Small Sailboat
Small Construction Site
Cost to Build
Boards 400
Iron 50
Nails 100
Rope 30
Sail 3
Tar 10

A Small Sailboat can be used to sail into deep water as part of the Test of Isis Bounty.


This building becomes available after once you have advanced Shipwright 3 (Skill).


Built Outside in a Small Construction Site.


Build the sailboat along a shoreline, then board it to travel across the water.

  • Sailboats cannot be disassembled.
  • Sailboats can be Scuttled at sea. The boat and winch are destroyed, returning no materials. The player is returned to shore, seems to be the last land they stood upon.
  • Sailboats can be steered.
  • Sailboats cannot go in reverse.
  • Sailboats traverse water of all depths.
  • Steerage is precise—unlike airships, direction is easily specified, but like airships, sailboats speeds are slow
  • Sailboats can be steered precisely with the ">>>" buttons, using Strength, or turned with the "==>" buttons for a ninety-degree turn, which requires Endurance. The player can also click the spot on the water they wish to sail to, like airship navigation.
  • Speculation: The X and T buttons raise and lower the sail, changing the boat's speed.
  • Navigation menu: The airstream can be shown while at sea. It is not yet known if this affects the ship's maneuverability.
  • Sailboats can be anchored, and should automatically anchor when a player exits one or logs off aboard one.
  • Sailboats can be boarded from a few coords away from shore by clicking upon them.
  • Waypoint/Expedition Travel/Spousewarp are not be allowed to/from ships.
  • Fishing is allowed from ships. It is possible to trawl from a moving boat.
  • Even when anchored, a sailboat can be damaged to the point of sinking.
  • Small Sailboats are somewhat flimsily constructed. This means that there is a chance that a small sailboat may come apart at sea. If this happens, the ship, and winch (if installed, see Winches and Treasure Caches section below) are lost, and the player is deposited at the shore where they boarded the boat last.

Ship Apart.png

Main Message: Your boat is damaged by the unpredictable currents! The quality of a Small Sailboat is determined by the Shipwright skill level of the builder. At higher quality levels:

Boats have a significantly lower chance of coming apart at sea. It has not been tested how long boats last at each level yet.
With Shipwright 4/4, a small sailboat has endured hitting the shore 3 times in a row in a short while, and over 10 minutes sailing. Quite sturdier than at empty 3/4


In order to find and retrieve Treasure from a Treasure Cache, the boat must be upgraded with a Light Winch. This costs:

Light Winches allow Treasure to be recovered from 'ordinary' Treasure Caches. To recover Treasure from Ancient Treasure Caches requires a Master Schooner with a Sturdy Winch installed.