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Test of the Fisherman

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The Test of the Fisherman
The Test of the Fisherman
(Test - Natural Philosophy)

Fishing can test of whole person, Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Speed, Focus, Perception, and Constitution. Test your skills as a fisherman, by catching and mounting at the direction of the University.

Test Description

Egypt is home to dozens of species of fish. The Test of the Fisherman is taken in 7 stages, and involves catching and mounting many of the diverse fish of Egypt.

The scientists at Great University of the Human body have decided that at this stage, you must catch and mount 4 of the following fish:

  • <7 Random Fish Species>
  • Each specimen must be at least 7 (db)


Test of the Fisherman is all about catching the diverse fish of Egypt. Prove your skill as a fisherman, by showing you know when and where to catch the fish of Egypt.

  • Catch and mount four fish of one of the types on your list
  • Turn in those mounted fish to University of Body

Additional Information

This is the 11th test in the discipline of Body.

In this test you will have to catch and mount four fish each of at least four fish types from a list of seven given by the university of the human body, seven times. The fish need to have a minimum size of 7 db and need to be installed on a piece mounted as a trophy. Then they are turned in at the university. To pass the test you will need to turn in seven lists.

  • Complete a list seven times for test pass
  • A list is complete when four out of seven fish types are complete
  • Four fish need to be mounted and turned in per fish type to complete that type for your current list

Fish Mount

Materials needed to build a fish mount:

To assemble a fish mount, go to Skills -> Taxidermy -> Fish Mount. The Taxidermy tech is also required.

  • Fish turned in to the University must be caught and mounted after the list is picked up. Attempts at turning in pre-mounted fish were unsuccessful, giving the error message: The scientists at the Great University of The Human Body are not satisfied that you caught this fish on assignment.


As you finish each list you will get a permanent point in each stat

  • 1st list gives you 1 point of strength
  • 2nd list 1 dexterity point
  • 3rd list 1 endurance point
  • 4th list 1 speed point
  • 5th list 1 constitution point
  • 6th list 1 focus point
  • 7th list 1 perception point

After passing the Test you can continue to pick up new lists from the university, but this time you will have to catch all the 7 fish that is asked for on the list.

  • Each of the lists will give the player a special fly rod.
    • List 8 gives the player a Whisper's Fly Rod
    • Beachcomber's Fly Rod
    • Spiderfang Fly Rod
    • Whiptail Fly Rod
    • Openheart Fly Rod
    • Snakespine Fly Rod