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Dried Flax

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Dried Flax
Dried Flax
Weight 1
Bulk 1


Dried Flax can be produced by placing Rotten Flax onto a Drying Rack or Flax Hammock. Each rack or hammock can dry 10 rotten flax at a time. Requires Flax Processing.


Takes roughly 10 mins to dry on a rack; smaller amounts dry faster in this telling (1 minute per flax).


Building Count Verified
Chicken Coop 60 ?
Sheep Pen 60 ?
Skill/Ecology/2 20 ?
Storage Basket 10
Technology/Obelisk Construction/1 58 ?
Technology/Pyrolysis/1 10 ?

Research and Tuition

Required By

Animal Husbandry, Ash, Avian Selection, Chicken Coop, Desert Obelisk, Diplomacy, Obelisk Construction, Pyrolysis, Sheep Pen, Skill/Ecology/2, Storage Basket, Technology/Obelisk Construction/1, Technology/Pyrolysis/1

Produced By

Drying Rack, Flax Hammock