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Test of the Hand of Ra

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The Test of the Hand of Ra
The Test of the Hand of Ra
(Test - Architecture)
Demonstration Cost

Test Description

Build and expand a fragile Mirrored Pyramid.

Task List

Passing the Test

Create and maintain the largest Mirrored Pyramid across all of Egypt and hold it for two days to advance.

Sigils of Ra

When a Mirrored Pyramid is upgraded to a larger size, there is a probability that it will collapse (based on the size to be upgraded to). If the player has a Sigil of Ra (or multiple Sigils) in their inventory, each Sigil prevents one collapse of the pyramid. For example, if a pyramid of size 50 is upgraded to size 51, there is a 50% chance the pyramid will collapse when upgraded. With one Sigil of Ra, one possible collapse can be avoided and the upgrade is "re-rolled".

Multiple Sigils can be created (one at a time), and multiple Sigils can be consumed when the pyramid is upgraded if the "re-roll" still results in a collapse. The upgrade will continue until either the pyramid stands at the new size, or the player runs out of Sigils and the pyramid collapses.