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Test of the Hand of Ra

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The Test of the Hand of Ra
The Test of the Hand of Ra
(Test - Architecture)
Other Requirements


Build and expand a fragile Mirrored Pyramid.

Construct Sigils of Ra to prevent your Pyramid from collapsing.

Create and maintain the largest Mirrored Pyramid across all of Egypt and hold it for two days to advance.


  • Learn to construct Mirrored Pyramids
  • Make some Sheet Glass
  • Make a Mirror
  • Build a Mirrored Pyramid - 2 TPs
  • Increase the size of your Mirrored Pyramid to 7 - 2 TPs
  • Build the largest Mirrored Pyramid in Egypt

Sigils of Ra

To make a Sigil of Ra, after starting the Test, click on the university a second time, select tests>Hand of Ra>Sigils of Ra. Follow the instructions give. To retrieve the instructions again, click self>tests>Architecture>Hand of Ra>View Sigil instructions.

In order to make a jeweled glass sigil, you need to learn Goldwork at your faction's University of Art and Music. The same is probably true for Sigils begun at a forge or casting box.

To make a Sigil, use either a glazier's bench, casting box or a forge (depending on the message) to make a golden sigil. Next, use a forge to add beads to a sigil. Last click self>skill>goldwork.. to decorate the sigil.