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To make a mirror, the sheet glass needs to be in your inventory, not in the bench. The temperature of the bench must be higher than 5000, or the silver powder will blow away and be lost. There doesn't seem to be any upper limit to the heat, as it works even with 5000+ temperature.

There is no visible timer on the bench while the mirror is being made, just a message in Main saying the Mirror will take 30 seconds to complete. The mirror is placed directly into your inventory when completed, you don't have to wait for the bench to cool down before taking it as with other glass items.


A mirror is made by fusing 200 Silver Powder to 1 Sheet Glass in a Glazier's Bench. A Sheet Glass Fabrication skill of 7 is required to make a mirror, and it takes about 30 seconds to fuse.


Research and Tuition

Required By

Acoustics Laboratory, Crystal Acoustics, Funerary Temple, Funerary Temple, Mirrored Pyramid, Technology/Obelisk Construction/6, Test of the Funerary Temple, Test of the Hand of Ra, Test of the Prismatic Opticon, Test of the Windsong

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