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Cicada Cage

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Cicada Cage
Cicada Cage
Test of the Singing Cicada
Cost to Build
Cicada Cage 1
Boards 4
Linen 1


A Cicada Cage is used to store cicadas for the Test of the Singing Cicada.



Cicada Cage Options.jpg

This 'building' lasts until 7 different players have collected a cicada from the cage, at which point it disintegrates.

If you try to place it on top of an existing Cicada, you will get the Main message Cages can not be placed close to other cages. (Don't stack cages!)

New for T8: You must place a cicada cage outside lands controlled by your Faction or you will get the message you will get the Main message You cannot place a Cage in lands we (The Hyksos) control, they are really noisy, let someone else put up with them...

You will not be able to take a cicada from a cage you have placed


You will first need to collect a number of Cicadas (running total shown at the bottom of your Items panel). Speak to your nearest University of Body for the exact number needed (historical costs are recorded at Cage Costs).

You then need to turn them into any University of Body for Cicada Cages (shown at the bottom of your Items panel). A minimum of 5 hours is needed between each cage acquisition.


Cicadas are audible up to ~63.5 - 64 coordinates. (~1000 feet) The sound starts more quickly than it stops, when moving out of range it can take several seconds for the sounds to stop, moving into range they start up pretty much immediately.