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Water Well

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Water Well
Water Well
Small Construction Site
Cost to Build
Boards 10
Bricks 200 (Variable)
Crudely Carved Handle 1
Iron Wire 2
Rope 25 (Variable)
Small Barrels 1


This building becomes available once you have learned the Deep Well Construction tech AND Project Management 1 (Skill).



After building the well, it gradually accumulates water over time. Looks initially like 1 water every ducky minute. A basic water well stopped accumulating water at 4000.

Water containers can be filled from the well in the same way as from any other body of water or storage barrel.

Water Wells can be connected to a Ranch or Swinery via Pipe Segments. Requires Animal Husbandry 2. To do this, click on the Ranch and select Upgrades->Connect to a nearby Water Source. The distance between the Ranch and the Well will determine how many Pipe Segments are needed to connect the two. For example, Water Well 240 ft away from a ranch required 25 Pipe Segments. Note: The well cannot be at a lower elevation than the Ranch. This can be checked with a Barometer. However, if the well is at the same location, and very near (such as inside) the ranch, there is no need for a height difference. Always build your wells in the ranch.

Connecting a ranch to a well with 1 ft, 6 ft, 7 ft, 1 ft, 16ft, 17ft all took 2 pipe segments each.

From Discord:

a well now produces 40 water an hour
a ranch consumes 70 water per 3 hours (at max capacity)
you can upgrade a well with a steam engine to generate 120 water an hour
allowing you to supply max 5 ranches at full capacity via steam engine


The Well can be upgraded with 1 Small Steam Engine. After installing the engine, the well has the option to 'Add Fuel (Coal)' and 'Ignite the Steam Engine Boiler'. The max amount of coal which can be loaded is more than 500 (that's how much coal I had in my inventory at the time). Igniting the Boiler takes:

When the boiler is running, there is the option to 'Pour water into the firebox'. This stops the engine and it needs the Tinder, Steel and Flint to restart. With the boiler running, the Well accumulates 3x the amount of water as a non-upgraded Well.