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Vegetable Field

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Vegetable Field
Vegetable Field

T9 Fields take 1 Duck Hour to grow and give 50x the single seed yield.

As of 10/7/19, gives no Ploughing XP.
Each field harvested gives 25 Farming XP.

More detailed information can be found on the Ploughing page

Vegetable Fields are created by instructing a Bull in a Ranch fitted with a Mouldboard Plough to plough a field.

Vegetable fields must be created on mostly flat terrain. The center must be at least 7 coordinates away from the nearest ranch fence in X and <?> away in Y. The fields must also be ? coordinates away from any roads. The terrain of the entire field is determined by exactly what the player is standing on when they instruct the bull to plough

Warning Do not guild fields if they are returned to the ground your seeds will be lost, unguilded fields returned to ground will return the seeds to the person who plowed the field.


Plant 5 Vegetable Seeds to grow a multiple of 50 times the normal seed yield. Vegetable growth takes approximately one Egypt hour.

Seeds planted in a Vegetable Field are returned on harvest. Vegetables will never yield additional seeds when grown in a Vegetable Field.

Both the initial ploughing of a field and the replanting of vegetables require the Ploughing skill.

Note that the color of the field is indicative of the type of crops you can grow in them. Green = grass, brown/purple = dirt, yellow = sand. If you're planting in an area of ground with multiple soil types, you can make sure you're getting the right one by standing on the type of ground you want, making sure that the right symbol is active in your lower bar, and then making the order to plow by clicking the ground between your character's feet.

Vegetables By Soil Type

  • Note that some seeds can grow on additional soil types.
Vegetable Primary Soil Type
Cabbage Grass
Carrots Grass
Cucumbers Grass
Garlic Sand
Leeks Sand
Onions Sand
Peppers Dirt
Watermelon Grass

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