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Subcategory of Resources

Herbs spawn near an oasis and have several actions available:

  • With Botany 0: "Eat this herb, fresh from the Earth"
    • You will gain a temporary change in Attributes depending on the specific herb consumed
  • With Botany 1: "Forage...", with a sub-menu of all 14 harvest methods
    • Selecting the appropriate harvest method for the herb will harvest 1-7db of that herb to your inventory
    • Use the tables on Herbs or Herb/Combined to visually identify the herb and select the method that other players have recorded
  • With Botany 2: If you have successfully harvested that particular herb successfully 7 times in a row, "Forage this <herb>" is shown instead of "Forage..." and always succeeds
  • With a Pigment Mortar placed nearby: "Add this herb to the Pigment Mortar"

As a resource, harvested herbs have several uses:

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