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Weight 1
Bulk 1

Cement is used in conjunction with water and gravel to make Concrete. Also mixed with water, sand, and Gypsum to make Plaster. Requires Stonework 3 (Skill).


It is made in batches of 100 in a Clinker Vat.

Construction is time-consuming and requires Strength and Endurance, or a large number of helpers.


A batch requires:

Also requires fuel, depending on the fuel type of the Clinker Vat:

  • 800 Charcoal to fire if using charcoal as a fuel.
  • 40 Petroleum to fire if using petroleum as a fuel.


Building Count Verified
Bonfire Platform 8 ?

See Clinker Vat page for more details on stirring.

Research and Tuition

Required By

Bonfire Platform, Test of Ka, Throne of Pharaoh

Produced By

Clinker Vat