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Throne of Pharaoh

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The Throne of Pharaoh
The Throne of Pharaoh
(Test - Architecture)

The Oracles at the Great University of Arch, have discovered the long forgotten building plans for the Throne of Pharaoh. Construct the most elaborately decorated throne to advance in this test.

Throne Plinth after 2 decorations have been applied. The building is huge, choose your site with this in mind!

Test Description

Gather fellow Egyptians and rejoice. Because the Oracles at the Great University of Arch, have discovered the long forgotten building plans for The Throne of Pharaoh. To celebrate this, Pharaoh will each week grant blessings and promotions to those workers that construct the most elaborately decorated throne.


Additional Information

Scoring needs confirming: 1 list per person in a week uncontested will not progress. Need confirmation that 1 list per day per group member is the minimum needed to progress. 49 Lists (7 per person, or a mixture equalling 49) will progress.

If the throne leader puts a new chair up before 24 hours, the group does not need to sign up again. Need confirmation if this is the same after the 24 hour lock out period.

If a throne is on a plinth, it will not get removed if no deco is on it. It remains on the throne for the following week.

A Plain Throne is made on a Carpentry Shop, using 900 Boards, 1500 Nails, 200 Wooden Peg and 50 Rope, and takes 30 minutes to build. Requires Carpentry skill level 4.

Information from T7

  • There is a daily decoration requirements reset cycle of 24 Pluri hours.So it's best to note the Egypt day and time of your last deco and start 3 Egypt days after that for the next cycle.
  • The materials per deco per cycle get progressively more difficult/rare
  • First and second deco of the cycle - 7 items
  • Third and fourth deco of the cycle - 8 items
  • Fifth and sixth deco of the cycle - 17 items
  • Seventh and eighth deco of the cycle - 21 items
  • Ninth and probably tenth deco of the cycle - 27 items
  • beyond - Good luck!

    • Example of a 7 Item - 140 Blonde Treated Boards, 14 Washer, 2 Medium Aqua Pearl, 14 Small Emerald, 14 Aluminum, 210 Cuttable Stone, 121 Sky Blue Raeli Tiles
    • Example of a 8 Item - 14 Tin, 1 Mud Granite, 7 Medium Ruby, 14 Octec's Alloy, 225 Thread, 121 Azure Raeli Tiles, 121 Pale Turquoise Paint, 140 Black Soft Treated Boards
    • Example of a 17 Item - 2 Small Beige Pearl, 2 Medium Smoke Pearl, 7 Gold Bars, 1 Puzzle Granite, 14 Lead, 140 Glossy Treated Boards, 121 Rosy Brown Raeli Tiles, 121 Dim Gray Raeli Tiles, 140 Rigid Fireproof Treated Boards, 140 Termite-resistant Pliable Treated Boards, 100 Steel Foil, 140 Fireproof Hard Treated Boards, 8 Powdered Aqua Pearl, 100 Magnesium Wire, 28 Sandy Brown Ribbons, 28 Aquamarine Ribbons, 1 Reflection Cut Cut Citrine
    • Example of a 21 Item - Small Coral Pearl, 14 Strontium, 1 Monkey Marble, 2 Medium Aqua Pearl, 2 Medium Coral Pearl, 140 Rotproof Treated Boards, 1 Oyster Shell Marble, 21 Silk Cloth, 121 Green Paint, 121 Hot Pink Paint, 140 Black Glossy Treated Boards, 100 Gold Foil, 140 Black Termite-resistant Treated Boards, 50 Steel Sheeting, 140 Rigid Black Treated Boards, 100 Copper Wire, 2 Large Beige Pearl, 140 Rigid Termite-resistant Treated Boards, 28 White Smoke Silk Panels, 28 Khaki Ribbons, 140 Nontoxic Soft Fireproof Treated Boards
    • Example of a 27 Item - 7 Saltpeter, 2 Medium Black Pearl, 77 Canvas, 2 Medium White Pearl, 7 Medium Opal, 14 Pewter, 10 Silver, 140 White Treated Boards, 14 Water Metal, 1 Jade, 121 Blue Paint, 121 Dark Slate Blue Paint, 121 Light Green Paint, 121 Light Steel Blue Raeli Tiles, 140 Soft Blonde Treated Boards, 50 Titanium Sheeting, 50 Steel Sheeting, 140 Hard Glossy Treated Boards, 100 Metal Blue Foil, 140 Blonde Termite-resistant Treated Boards, 3 Large Diamond, 8 Powdered Ruby, 2 Large Coral Pearl, 28 Lawn Green Silk Panels, 28 Chocolate Silk Panels, 1 Tiki Mask Cut Cut Amethyst, 1 Queen's Tomb Cut Cut Lapis


The decorated throne on top of the plinth will change as the group passes certain point thresholds. So far, three versions have been seen, the first one is an undecorated throne.

undecorated level one level two

Throne Schedule

Groups are using alternate weeks.

Guild Start Date End Date Pass
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