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Ceremonial Knife

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Ceremonial Knife
Ceremonial Knife
Weight 1
Bulk 1


A Ceremonial Knife is created in a Forge. It is used to fillet fish for the Test of the Giving Fisherman (and thus requires having started the test to forge one) and comes in five different types. Each type needs an increasing skill level in Filleting and gives an increasing percent increased chance of successfully filleting the fish.



Requires 10 minutes cooling, no Filleting skill requirements to forge


Requires 30 minutes cooling, and Filleting 1 to forge


Requires 90 minutes cooling, and Filleting 2 to forge


Requires 270 minutes cooling, and Filleting 3 to forge


*NOTE:In T10 Template is no longer required to make this knife

May 3, 2022[7:06 PM] UK time

Change Logger: changed: Platinum ceremonial knives no longer require a template

Requires 810 minutes cooling, and Filleting 4 to forge


Used for the Test of the Giving Fisherman