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Test of the Giving Fisherman

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The Test of the Giving Fisherman
The Test of the Giving Fisherman
(Test - Natural Philosophy)

Assemble colorful gifts of fresh fish and fruit and present them to your fellow Egyptians. Receive points for giving an enjoyable gift. Lose points for giving bad gifts.

Test Description

Create gifts of fresh Fish and Citrus Fruit and give these to your fellow Egyptians. Fish must be filleted using a Ceremonial Knife. Give a gift composed of the fish, color and fruit they like and you will receive points. If you give a gift they dislike, however, you will lose points. Earn bonus points by gifting to someone who has previously gifted to you. After enough gifts have been given, the citizen with the highest score each week will advance.

Task List

Test of the Giving Fisherman is all about catching the diverse fish of Egypt. Prove your skill as a fisherman, by showing you know when and where to catch the fish of Egypt.


In the Test of the Giving Fisherman, you are tasked with making special gifts to give to other players. The thoughtful giver will be aware of the likes and dislikes of his recipient. Be the most generous and perceptive player in Egypt to pass this test!

A General Overview

  • 1. Catch a fish (Or trade/acquire a fresh fish)
  • 2. Fillet with a special knife (requires different levels of filleting skill)
  • 3. Generates delicate fish meat (this doesn't make fish scales, roe or oil like normal filleting)
  • 4. Acquire a fish scale and a citrus fruit
  • 5. Assemble a wrapped gift (fish meat wrapped in preserved fish scale, served with a citrus fruit)
  • 6. Present the gift to another player

A Detailed Overview

User Tracking Template

To assemble a gift, you need: 1 Delicate fish meat, 1 fish scale, 1 citrus fruit, and 1 Papyrus Paper in inventory. At a Kitchen select Recipes -> Gift of Fish. You will get a UI pop up to select the items. You can name the gift after assembly. The final gift is a complex item you must give to another player using the test menu when you click on them (similar to how you ask others to acro or compare achievements). They must accept your gift by choosing 'Yes'.

The gift will get an auto-name based on the ingredients: fish scale + fish + citrus + creator name.

eg: 'Seal Brown-Chromis-Tangy Tangelo-Zhukuram'

If you want to track your gifts you can add or change the title

eg: 'Seal Brown-Chromis-Tangy Tangelo-Zhukuram for Rana'
  • Note A
    You won't know what type of delicate fish meat, fish scale or citrus fruit to use. The scoring is a 'negative score' similar to coalitions but you wont know what that is until you try a combination and if the gift is consumed and the recipient tells you and/or you visit a Essence of Harmony to check your score after you give one.
  • Note B
    You can only make a gift from fish you have filleted yourself. This requires L1 Filleting skill from School of Worship.

Your gift is worth points based on how much a player likes (is compatible with) your gift. Each player has preferred fish meats, scale colors, and citrus fruits. You can receive up to 6 points if your gift perfectly matches a player's preferences.

The amount of points you receive (or lose) is doubled if you give a gift to a player who has given you a gift before. Therefore, 12 points are possible from a single gift.

Essence of Harmony meditation messages:

  1. You feel out of touch with the wants and desires of Egypt.
  2. You feel connected with the wants and desires of Egypt.
  3. You feel in tune with the wants and desires of Egypt.
  4. You feel harmonized with the wants and desires of Egypt.

There are 180 fish scale colors, 49 fish meats, and 208 citrus fruits in the game.

Each player has 18 favorite colors, 5 favorite fish, and 20 favorite citrus fruits (10% of the possibilities). You cannot choose these, they are tied uniquely and are generated from your avatar name (or some other manner). If a player gives you one of your favorite colors, they receive 2 points, likewise for the fruit type and fish type.

You also have 36 'Liked' colors, 10 liked fish, and 40 liked citrus (20% of the possibilities). A player giving you one of these receives 1 point instead.

You also have 72 'Disliked' colors (40% of the possibilities), 20 disliked fish, and 80 disliked citrus. A player giving you one of these receives -2 points. It is not possible to have less than 0 points total in this test, but you can lose points if you give bad gifts.

All other (30%) types of fish, colors, and fruits are 'neutral' for you and result in no points being awarded to the giver.

  • NOTE: The message "You did not care for any part of the gift" appears when all ingredients are NEUTRAL to you. NOT Disliked.

You can give multiple gifts to the same person (one per day, up to a maximum of 10), but take care not to give them the identical gift. If you give a player a gift made up of exactly the same materials of a gift you have given them before, they will be offended and will dislike all aspects of it (giving you -6 or -12 points!)

  • NOTE: Generally speaking, giving randomly made gifts to random people will not get you a positive score. This is because it is easier to lose points than gain them. If possible, try and do some research to figure out the likes/dislikes of a person first. Of course, this is often not possible if someone hasn't been given many gifts or doesn't keep track of their preferences. -Redshift

Some Examples of a Gift Giving

Janeway has prepared a gift to give to Picard. This is the first time she will give a gift to Picard. She used an Antique White fish scale, Delicate meat: Kingfish, and a Long Tangelo to make her gift. She gives the gift to Picard, who accepts it. She gets a message telling her that Picard enjoyed her gift overall (this means she gained points. There would be a different message if she gained no points and another for losing points.) Picard however receives a message indicating how exactly how he felt about the three aspects of the gift (a favorite color, a liked fruit, and a disliked fish) Janeway also knows that Picard had previously given her a gift a few weeks ago. From this, we can see how the points are calculated behind the scenes. (one of Picard's favorite colors (2) + liked fruits (1) + disliked fish (-2)) * Picard gave Janeway a gift before (2) = 2 points!

Betty has prepared a gift for Risotto. This will be the 3rd gift Betty has given to Risotto. Risotto has never given a gift to Betty. Betty prepares a gift of Red fish scale, Delicate meat:Spotted Sea Cucumber, and Reddish Lime. Risotto loves all three aspects (a favorite color, fish, and fruit) and receives a pop-up that he loved the gift, as opposed to the message in Main. So, Betty receives this many points:
[(2+2+2)]*1 = 6 points.

Gelato has prepared a gift for Tom. This will be the 11th gift Gelato has prepared for Tom. Tom refuses the gift, because he has already received too many gifts from Gelato (the limit is 10). No points are awarded.

Checking your Score

To check your score, you must visit an Essence of Harmony. The essence will not tell you your exact numerical score but it will let you know how generous you are relative to your peers (defined as those who have not passed the test, are signed up for the test, and have given at least one gift.) You will get a different message if your score is in the top 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 percent of peers. It is possible to keep track of your exact score on your own, but this requires that the gift recipient share with the gift giver or others the message they got upon receiving the gift, so that that player's likes and dislikes can be deduced.

Possible Messages:

  • You feel out of touch with the wants and desires of Egypt.


You may not give a gift to a player if they have accepted a gift from you in the past 24 hours. Conversely, if you accept a gift from someone, you cannot accept another gift from anyone until at least 2 hours have passed. Gifts may only be made to citizens (paid, at least level 1 players) of Egypt.
Delicate fish meat is a complex item, named for the type of fish from which it came. You do not have to catch the fish yourself, but it must be a freshly caught fish. You must fillet the fish yourself. If the delicate fish meat is given to another player, dropped, or placed into a storage container, it immediately spoils and cannot be used for gifts. It also spoils if left in your inventory for more than 24 hours. When delicate fish meat spoils, it becomes Rotten Fish. An assembled gift is under the same restrictions as delicate fish meat (since it still contains the meat). There will be an option in the test menu "Inspect gift..." that will allow you to sniff the gift to make sure it is still fresh if you are unsure. If you give a rotten gift to another player, they automatically dislike all aspects of it, regardless of their preferences. If a gift is given using the Test menu it is immediately consumed by the gift recipient - so no new items appear in the recipient's inventory.


You must use special knife to fillet fish if you want to use it for gift-giving. You must have at least L1 Filleting Skill from School of Worship to use the knife.

For delicate fish meat filleting you do not need to use a kitchen. If you have a whole fish and a ceremonial knife in your inventory, there will be an option to Inventory->Right-Click Fish->Ceremonially Fillet Fish.

This is a special form of filleting and has a high chance of failure. After all, no one wants jagged chunks of meat handed to them! You will automatically use the highest quality Ceremonial Knife you have on you. You can only fillet one fish at a time, and doing so starts a long focus timer. The chance of success is greater with high levels of focus, filleting skill, and a good quality ceremonial knife. If you fail, the fish is destroyed and you must try again with a different fish, but this only activates a short focus timer.

16 focus + 7 filleting + Platinum ceremonial knife = 100% chance of success.

The % chance of success is calculated as follows: square root of Focus + (Filleting skill * (Filleting skill + 1)) + Knife bonus. The Knife bonuses are noted below.


There are 2 different times the fish can go off (fillet the fish, gift of fish) I filleted a load of fish and made some into gifts. I waited an hour or two and the fish fillets went off FASTER than the gift of fish which remained fresh for longer. (Peter)

Breakdown of freshness:

Delicate Fish Meat

  • very fresh (0-30 mins)
  • fresh (30-60 mins)
  • seems fresh (60-75 mins)
  • seems a little stale (75 - 120 min)
  • quite stale (120-240 mins?)
  • spoiled (240+ min? 1 day?) When you examine this fish it turns into rotten fish

Gift of fish

  • very fresh (0-120 mins?) (9/22/2021: still "very fresh" at 3.5 hours)
  • fresh (??? mins)
  • a little stale (9/22/2021: "a little stale" at 14.5 hours)
  • quite stale (9/22/2021 16.5-19 hours)
  • "Your fish has spoiled!" Upon examination, gift is removed from inventory and 1 rotten fish added. (sometime before 22 hours)

So you can wait an hour before making the fillet into a gift, then 2 hours? before you have to give the gift.

  • NOTE (Peter) Observed making a gift out of fish that little stale and it made a very fresh gift. Did not gift the gift so not sure if this is still fresh or not?
  • NOTE (blondie) I had inspected a delicate meat and my message was that it was somewhat stale (6h30m) but i tried making gift anyway. After giving the gift there was no problem for the person and i got the usual message of likes, dislikes.
  • NOTE (Peacefulness) When inspecting delicate meat, it "seemed fresh", but it was assembled into a gift of fish that "seemed very fresh". When asking a dev about this, he replied that a Gift of Fish lasts longer than Delicate Meat, which lasts longer than Whole Fish.

Ceremonial Knife (made on a forge, either type)

Iron, 10 minutes

Bronze, 30 minutes requires Filleting 1 to forge

Silver, 90 minutes requires Filleting 2 to forge

Gold, 270 minutes requires Filleting 3 to forge

Platinum, 810 minutes requires Filleting 4 to forge

These knives add 1, 5, 10, 20, and 40% to your chance to fillet delicate fish meat respectively. You do not need to make your own knife, you can get one from someone else to use.

About Making Platinum Ceremonial Knives

True Cost of Platinum Ceremonial Knife from cradle to grave:
Iron 12
Charcoal 1620
Crudely Carved Handle 1
Wooden Peg 2
Feather Tree Resin 2
Bronze 10
Hokkaido Resin 6
Silver 10
Passam Resin 18
Gold 10
Tapacae Mirallis Resin 54
Platinum 10
Bloodbark Resin 162
Cradle to grave making a Platinum knife takes 1310 minutes AKA 22 Teppy/Ducky Hours
Currently making a Platinum knife ALONE is 15 hours and 50 minutes in real time. (Nov 2018)
Also add in, you need someone with maxxed out Filleting skill.


After 111 gifts have been given in Egypt, passing begins weekly, with the highest scoring player passing each week. Runners up are shown, and passes can be retained in the event of a tie.