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Recycling Smeltery

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Recycling Smeltery
Recycling Smeltery
8 x 5
Cost to Build
Clay Steeped Wool Cloth 10
Crucible 1
Firebricks 300
Steel Strap 4


This building becomes available after you have learned the Salvaging Techniques 4 skill.


Built: in a Compound. Uses 5x8 cells.


A Recycling Smeltery melts down metal products from Fly Fishing and Blacksmithing into Iron. Per Apophis, In the future, blacksmithed items will melt down to the metal they were made from.

  • Add the metal items to be recycled
  • Add up to 100 Coal
  • Prepping the smelter requires 20 Petroleum and 4 Tinder
  • Fire the smelter
  • 24 Hour Warm Up period(Likely Ducky Time)
  • Every 30 Ducky Minutes 1 item will be turned into Iron and 1 Coal will be consumed.
  • Carpentry Blades do not presently appear to return any materials when smelted. This is presumably to fix the easy 1:1 copper->iron transmutation exploit that would otherwise be possible. Yeah, I had to test it out, who wouldn't?

Recyclable Items


The Recycling Smeltery uses the Tale 1 Precious Furnace graphic. It is one of the few remaining Tale 1 art assets in the game.