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Marble Tub

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Marble Tub
Marble Tub
7 x 13

Cooperage 2


The Marble Tub is a high quality tub which becomes available once you have learned the Cooperage 2 (Skill) skill. It is an upgrade to the Basic Tub and Sturdy Tub.



A Marble Tub is the top-end tub and has the following uses:

A Marble Tub can hold 100 Dung and 20 Water or Sulphurous Water. You can add more water at any time to continue a process.

Marble Tubs do not crumble like a Sturdy Tub or a Basic Tub.


Note: Any type of tub may be upgraded, but given that lower quality tubs are prone to crumble (including the upgrade), it is not recommended for anything other than the Marble tub.


Requires the Cooperage lvl 4 skill to install. May be used by anyone once built.


An upgraded tub can hold up to 150 Water or Sulphurous Water, requiring fewer refills during processing.

The upgrade also enables the tub to make Paper Pulp, using Sawdust.

Additional Information

You WILL get upgrade stuff back when you salvage an upgraded Marble Tub at salvage level 7.

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