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Sturdy Tub

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Sturdy Tub
Sturdy Tub
7 x 13
Cost to Build
Beeswax 6
Bricks 240
Canvas 6


A Sturdy Tub requires the Flax Processing skill and Cooperage 1 (Skill). It is an improvement to a Basic Tub but still can crumble unlike the Marble Tub.



A Sturdy Tub is the intermediary tub and has the following uses:

A Sturdy Tub can hold 100 Dung and 20 Water or Sulphurous Water. You can add more water at any time to continue a process.

After evaporating 800 units of liquid, the tub will "spring a leak", so you can then salvage the tub, but if you attempt to use it again, it will crumble to dust with no resources returned.


You can pre-empt the crumble stage by checking to see if the water is not draining, and the window says that the tub has sprung a leak. If it shows this, salvage immediately, as the next application of water will cause the tub to crumble with no resources returned.


The Marble Tub is the next step up in quality.


  • This tub is more robust than the Basic Tub and about the same cost - build this one.
  • Always better to rot flax in a river/lake rather than a tub as the river/lake doesn't break.
  • If the tub is near the end of its lifetime, salvage it to recover some materials rather than letting them go to dust.
    • If built and used in banks, one or two of the bank will wear out first giving warning that now is the time to salvage/rebuild.
  • If you can afford it, the Marble Tub is considerably longer lasting (that is to say, the Marble tub doesn't crumble at all).

Kush Chat 2019/09/20

[Redacted]: [13m] So was the saltwater not killing tubs a bug?
Malard: [12m] and thank you for pointing out the saltwater exploit :P
tehm: [11m] thank you for letting us sit for 75 minutes for a 50% chance of potash and now we're going to break the tubs doing it.
Malard: [11m] well, you dont have to sit
Somebob: [11m] I was assuming it mostly intended given that a breaking tub would vanish partial salt into the aether.
Malard: [11m] if your topping it up actively, then you havent figured it out properly :)
Malard: [10m] just fill it, let it drain
Malard: [10m] then it will say, you see a small amount of salt in the tub
Malard: [10m] fill it again
Malard: [10m] and let it drain
Malard: [10m] until it gives you salt yield
Lukeera: [05m] The problem with the fill it and let it drain model is a) the distance and b) unless it has changed lettinga tub go dry hastens its demise.
Lukeera: [04m] Perhaps give us storage barrels at a more useful place in the cooperage chain. You should also reconsider how that skill goes up.
Malard: [03m] Lukeera letting a tub go dry has no effect on usage
Malard: [03m] each time you perform a fill action (except for pure water) will add 1 tick to the usage of a tub
tehm: [03m] high capacity tubs (and water troughs for ranches) would be nice...
Malard: [02m] you can get high capacity tubs
Malard: [02m] add a barrel to it


  • Potash may spawn when salt is produced from the evaporation process.

The likelihood of potash is likely decided by the tub itself when built. With no difference between sturdy or basic tubs

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