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Student's Loom

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Student's Loom
Student's Loom
4 x 4
Cost to Build
Boards 8
Twine 120

A Student's Loom is used for weaving textiles, such as Linen and Canvas.


This building becomes available once you have learned Clothwork 0 (Skill).


Built in a Compound. Uses 4x4 cells.


Stat Timer: Endurance

Student's Looms are strung with Twine, some of which (randomly between 1 and 60) will break each time the loom is used. Broken twine will need to be replaced before the Student's Loom can be used again. For this reason the Student's Loom has been roundly cursed by Egyptians throughout history.

It is made obsolete by the Hand Loom, which works identically but is strung with Copper Wire which never needs replacing. An Automatic Loom is the final upgraded version.

It can also be used for storage of 3000 Twine, Yarn and Raw Silk, as well as 5000 Thread and Dried Papyrus.


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