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Deep Well

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Deep Well
Deep Well
Medium Construction Site
Cost to Build
Boards 400
Leather 2,000
Nails 300
Oil 500
Rope 200
Screw Gear 20


This building becomes available once you have learned the Deep Well Construction tech. Requires Project Management 1 (Skill) skill.


Built in a Medium Construction Site.


The operation of a Deep Well is similar to an Aqueduct Pump. The Deep Well has a "Wind the well spring" option, which involves END and STR.

  • The END represents how long you have to wait before doing it again. Base timer is 180 seconds.
  • The STR represents how much Spring Tension is added. This is calculated at (STR + 1)

A Deep Well can be wound providing the spring tension is below 100.

  • This is not the maximum - if you have 25 STR, and the Spring Tension is 99, this will give you 125 Spring Tension.
  • Attempting to wind the spring when the Spring Tension is 100 or more will generate the message "The well spring is as tight as you can get it".

After winding: (every minute)

  • Increase the Deep Well inventory by 6 Petroleum
  • Increase the Water Level by between 4 and 6
  • Increase the Depth by 1
  • Decrease the Spring Tension by 1.

Once it reaches a Spring Tension of 0, the Deep Well will "break", and needs to be repaired.

In theory, a single person with a strength of just 2 (which can be done by drinking from a strength aqua tower) and no endurance can go to the deep well, and every 180 seconds select Wind the well spring, and keep it going indefinitely. The endurance reduces that 180 seconds you take, and the strength controls how much spring tension you add, so having more helps, but doesn't need any special food.

Repair Cost

Public Deep Wells

Because Deep Wells are large community projects, they are often set "public" for anyone to use. Expect the well to need repair when you arrive.

Location Coordinates Remarks
Meshwesh Delta 834, 6954 x