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Weight 1
Bulk 1


Oil is a byproduct of slaughtering Camels and Sheep.


Sheep and male camels yield 10 oil, female camels yield 50 oil.

10 Flax Seeds make 1 oil.


Building Count Verified
Barrel Grinder 4000 ?
Deep Well 500 ?
Empty Hand Puzzle 5000 ?
Flax Gin 150
Mason's Bench 4 ?
Paper Press 200 ?
Pottery Deck 300 ?
Pottery Wheel 4
Rock Saw 100
Skill/Ritual Item Construction/0 100 ?
Skill/Structure Maintenance/0 20 ?
Skill/Structure Maintenance/4 50 ?
Technology/Stonework/2 5 ?

Research and Tuition

Required By

Ambrosia Brewing, Ancient Automation, Barrel Grinder, Bead Grinder, Cartouche, Deep Well, Empty Hand Puzzle, Flax Gin, Mason's Bench, Paper Press, Pottery Deck, Pottery Wheel, Rock Saw, Skill/Ritual Item Construction/0, Skill/Structure Maintenance/0, Skill/Structure Maintenance/4, Stonework, Structural Pottery, Technology/Stonework/2, Test of Festivals, Test of Ritual Mummification, Test of the Covered Cartouche, Test of the Empty Hand, Toxin Extraction, Wood Treatment

Produced By

Camels, Kitchen, Sheep