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Lime (or its fancy chemical name, calcium oxide) is a white powdery substance made from burning limestone in a Firepit or Crematory. It is a necessary ingredient in glass and is also a catalyst in paint mixing.


Burn up to 100 Limestone in a Firepit to make Lime, at a rate of about 16 Limestone : 1 Lime. Stoking the fire at the right times will yield more.

You may also burn up to 20 Limestone in a Crematory to produce Lime.

If you have learned Lime Emulsion, you can make up to 100 Lime from Compound Extracts.


Building Count Verified
Laboratory 439 ?
Laboratory 1358 ?
Persephone Furnace 200 ?

Research and Tuition

Required By

Chancery, Chemistry, Diplomacy, Glassblowing, Laboratory, Laboratory, Metal Treatment, Persephone Furnace, Persephone Furnace, Test of Ritual Mummification, Treated Metal, Wood Treatment

Produced By

Firepit, Lime Emulsion