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10 x 10
Cost to Build
Greyish Raeli Tiles 210
Brass 14
Concrete 80
Small Quartz 400
Sun Steel 4
Thermometer 7


This building becomes available after you have learned the Chemistry 2 (Skill) tech.


Built in a Compound. Uses 10x10 cells.


Produces ash and lime.

The crematory is operated the same as in T3, and the T3 wiki has a very comprehensive explanation for how it works. But briefly:

The crematory has 7 sliders each of which has a diamond black dot. There are also 5 buttons which are the black/white oval shapes underneath the sliders. When you fire the Crematory (need to have the Chemistry 2 tech to fire, but you can operate the buttons of the crematory without the tech once someone has started it), the dots will start to move away from the centre line. The goal is to keep the dots as close to the centre as possible (by the end of the run) to maximise the yield of Ash and Lime. A red line across the top of the crematory shows time remaining until the run finishes. So the function of the buttons is to change the direction of the dots, each button will change the direction of either 1 or 2 slider's dots. Each button is fixed so it will always change the direction of the same dots (this is determined for each crematory when the crematory is built). When you press a button the direction of the corresponding dot(s) reverses. You must end with at least 2 dots at each side of the centre, otherwise you get only half the ash output.


It is far far easier to run the crematory with a partner than to try to solo it. Each partner takes one of the double slider buttons and then either 1 or 2 of the remaining buttons. It's much more relaxed to have one pair of sliders to balance, and then 1 or 2 others to keep central, especially when you are learning to use a new crematory.


1000 Leeks, 1000 Papyrus, 1000 Flax = 1000 Ash, 504 Lime (Doc Saintly)

in my experience it averages out around 18-19 ash and 9-10 lime per run over large batches, but can vary very much per run. Ive had runs were I got only 4 ash and 0 lime and others with 19 lime and 29 ash. I think Doc Saintly was very lucky with those results -Mudkest

1000 Leeks, 1000 Dried Papyrus, 1000 DriedFlax, 1000 Limestone = 993 Ash, 515 Lime ~ Balthazarr 22 Dec 2015