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Puzzle in the Night Sky

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Puzzle in the Night Sky

The Puzzle in the Night Sky task is started upon learning the Stonework skill.

Completion of this Task serves as the initiation into the discipline of Thought, allowing the player to begin any unlocked Tests available at the University of Thought.

The task requires the player to:

  • Make a Clay Lamp
  • Gather Papyrus from the Nile River bank
  • Dry Papyrus on a Drying Rack
  • Whittle a Sharp Stick
  • Gather Clay
  • Gather Limestone
  • Build a Night Sky Table
  • Add at least 5 Stars
  • Add at least 3 Clouds (Puzzle Pieces)
  • Open the Table for Judging
  • Tear down your Night Sky Table, OR do the following:
    • Have Five Judges solve and rate the puzzle
    • Design rated Good by most judges


Upon completing the entire task, the player is awarded 1 Talent Point. As described in the task list, the player may accumulate 5 ratings of Good or better from other players upon solving the puzzle, or may simply tear down their sculpture. Either outcome will result in the task being completed successfully.


  • Whilst the task says Sharp Stick, it is a Sharpened Stick you need to create.
  • You no longer need to make rope for the task.