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Sulphurous Water

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Sulphurous Water
Sulphurous Water
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Sulphurous Water is found in pools scattered around Egypt. It can be gathered in Jugs just like normal water.


Research and Tuition


Sulphurous Water Dialog
  • Make sure you have Empty Jugs available to gather water. Then find a Sulphurous Water pool and use the normal Gather Water icon. You will get a different dialog option that confirms you are getting Sulphurous Water and not regular (see picture).
  • Some pools are sulphurous in some spots but regular water in others. If you're having trouble gathering, make sure you're standing at the exact coordinates listed on the map below.
  • Attempting to fish in sulphurous water will give the message "The water is dead, and smells like rotten eggs."

Required By

Chemistry Recipe - Acid Extract, Cooperage, Skill/Desiccation/0, Skill/Ecology#buildcost, Skill/Ecology/5, Test of the Covered Cartouche


Go to Maps/Sulphurous Water to update locations