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Charcoal Brazier

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Charcoal Brazier
Charcoal Brazier
29 x 11

Used for making batches of 400 charcoal.

Basic Info

It is a more efficient version of the Charcoal Oven, which itself is a more efficient version of a Charcoal Hearth. It can process three times as much charcoal as an oven, and six times as much charcoal as a hearth.

A Charcoal Brazier has no regulator.

Requires Pyrolysis 4 (Skill) to use (available at the University of The Human Body).


Treated Metal Recipe for the sheeting

Please notice that recipes are specific to each chemical bath, so you will have to make adjustments to the recipe. Try adding a little less and see if that gets the desired result, or add a little more if needed. This is a very hard treatment, so don't try it unless you know what you are doing.

  • 38 Salts of TBD
  • 20 Cactus Sap
  • 8 Salt
  • 30 Coal
  • 30 Arsenic
  • 39 Salts of TBD
  • 7 Saltpeter
  • 40 Lime
  • 50 Cactus Sap
  • 10 Gravel
  • 10 Potash

(Not T10 treatment - T10 treatment is easy)


The Charcoal Brazier is used in the same way as the Charcoal Oven, it has the same interface. Start cost is 309 wood, and the return is 400 Charcoal. Requires Automatic Charcoal Production.

  • Permanent Focus 7 needed

Required By