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Weight 1
Bulk 1




Building Count Verified
Bullet Furnace 50 ?
Clinker Vat 2500 ?
Compression Furnace 200 ?
Fleet Furnace 600
Funerary Temple 5000 ?
Glazier's Bench 200
Glory Hole 600
Kitchen 100 ?
Master's Forge 200 ?
Reactory 240 ?
Reinforced Kiln 1000 ?
Scent Lab 2400 ?
Skill/Kiln Construction/2 200 ?
Skill/Ritual Item Construction/0 200 ?
Skill/Salvage Techniques/0 200 ?
Student's Forge 18 ?
Technology/Blacksmithing/2 120 ?
Technology/Pyrolysis/2 80 ?
Technology/Pyrolysis/3 150 ?
Vault Kiln 15000 ?

Research and Tuition

Required By

Anvil, Blacksmithing, Blacksmithing 1, Bullet Furnace, Bullet Furnace, Charcoal Brazier, Charcoal Hearth, Chemistry, Clinker Vat, Clinker Vat, Compression Furnace, Compression Furnace, Firepit, Fleet Furnace, Fleet Furnace, Funerary Temple, Funerary Temple, Glassblowing, Glazier's Bench, Glazier's Bench, Glory Hole, Glory Hole, Grain Oven, Kitchen, Kitchen, Master's Casting Box, Master's Forge, Master's Forge, Mortar Construction, Pyrolysis, Reactory, Reactory, Recycling Smeltery, Reinforced Kiln, Reinforced Kiln, Sacrificial Bonfire, Scent Lab, Scent Lab, Skill/Kiln Construction/2, Skill/Ritual Item Construction/0, Skill/Salvage Techniques/0, Steam Kiln, Steam Rock Saw, Student's Casting Box, Student's Forge, Student's Forge, Technology/Blacksmithing/2, Technology/Pyrolysis/2, Technology/Pyrolysis/3, Temporary Pyrotechnics Stadium Application... further results

Produced By

Box Kiln, Reinforced Kiln, Steam Kiln, True Kiln