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Butter Churn

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Butter Churn
Butter Churn
Cost to Build
Barrel Tap 1
Boards 50
Copper Straps 3
Wood 5


Available after learning Cheese Making 0 (Skill). Requires Milking Techniques 1 (Skill) to operate.


Built Outside (Self -> Projects -> Cooking -> Butter Churn)

Turns Cow Milk into Butter and Buttermilk


  • Requires a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 50 Cow Milk
  • Pouring milk into the churn will return containers to your inventory
  • Butter Churn will indicate how much milk is in the Churn
  • Select Churn to process the milk - this will start the 30s END timer
  • Requires 1 churn plus 1 churn for every milk (so 10 milk requires 11 churns, 50 milk requires 51 churns)
  • Requires Milking Techniques 1 (Per Skills "pip" information)

Once complete, two options are available

  • Take... will let you take the Butter
  • Drain the Buttermilk will fill Jugs in your inventory with Buttermilk.

The window will show how many Butter and Buttermilk the churn contains in the window header.


The Churn will produce:

  • 1 Butter for every 5 Milk used
  • 1 Buttermilk for every 2 Milk used

The most optimum yield is when you use 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 milk. Any other amount of milk will result in rounding losses.


  • Sour Milk is not usable in the churn
  • The Butter Churn cannot be used for 1–2 seconds after a previous use, you will get a popup saying it is in use already. There is also an animation when working it, but the animation is longer than the in use timer. This is noticed for example if you use a macro, run to the churn for three quick churns, or there are several characters working the same churn.
  • Cows Milk stays fresh once placed in a Butter Churn, additional fresh milk can be added and churned once enough has been accumulated. Milk cannot be taken out of a Butter Churn until it is churned into butter and buttermilk.

What the Developers Say

  • past the minimum, the more Milk added, the more difficult the ensuing End Timer will be.
(Tests have shown this to not be true, or at least the difference is so small it cannot be seen. --McArine)
(The timer is almost exactly 30 Teppy seconds, regardless of amount of milk. --Flowbar)
  • There is not a School lesson for additional ranks of Cheese Making