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Small Construction Site
16 × 14
Cost to Build
Copper Pot 3
Barrel Tap 2
Bricks 500
Linen 4
Pulley 2
Rope 5
Steel 15
Wood 200


Available after learning Cheese Making 0 (Skill) and Cooking.


Built Outside in a Small Construction Site under "Cooking".

The building is very small, similar in size to a Werewolf Mortuary Temple.

How to Use

To make cheese it is first necessary to learn recipes from your faction center. Currently each faction center will teach 2 of the four known recipes. It is not currently known if it is possible to share recipes out of your faction (not a teachable technology).

Cheese Kush Meshwesh Hyksos
Halumi Y N N
Istanboly N N Y
Mish N Y N
Rumi Y Y Y

Creameries can be set with a recipe much like kettles. If you are in a faction without access to a particular recipe have a friendly who knows the cheese you want stop by and configure your creamery to process your desired type the next time you use it.

Menu Options

  • You will get an option to make any cheese recipe you know. If you don't know any recipes then no menu options will appear.

After selecting a recipe you know the menu will list 4 options

  • Abandon Batch
  • Examine Batch
  • Process into named-cheese
    • WARNING: Creameries will consume any mats that you have added if you hit Process, even if the recipe is incomplete.
You get the jugs back but not the contents.
  • Add ... (ingredients)

Option Add ... (ingredients)

Will show a list of possible items for the cheese. It does not show the amounts required. You have to manually indicated how much of each ingredient you want to use. If you add the wrong amounts the cheese will not be good.
There were indications that there are unknown cheese recipes that can be discovered by players.
  • Jugs are returned when adding Cow Milk.
  • Jugs are returned when adding buttermilk.

Option Examine Batch allows you to see what you have added to the recipe

Option Process into named-cheese will convert the ingredients into a cheese. The basic recipes make 1 cheese.

  • The cheese will have a name similar to:
Halloumi Cheese (Potency 0)
These are built inside a compound and allow for up to 20 cheeses to be stored for aging.


Recipe Sources:

  • Rumi, available to all Egyptians with the Cheesemaking skill
  • Halloumi, available to all members of Kush
  • Istanboly, available to all members of Hyksos
  • Mish, available to all members of Meshwesh
  • Shanklish, Areesh, Baramily, and Domiati, available upon completion of the Stranger's Challenge
    • Challenge may be started at any conflict shrine, at any time. Only one recipe given per avatar.
Basic Cheese Recipes Ingredients Buff Type
Halloumi 10 Cow Milk, 3 Buttermilk, 1 Salt Spd + Per
Istanboly 10 Cow Milk, 4 Oil, 2 Peppers Con + Foc + Per
Mish 3 Buttermilk, 3 Sour Milk, 3 Peppers, 1 Salt Dex + Spd
Rumi 15 Cow Milk Str + Dex
Stranger's Challenge Recipes Ingredients Buff Type
Shanklish 5 Buttermilk, 15 Garlic, 3 Oil Sheep pen "protection"
Areesh 10 Sour Milk, 4 Honey, 1 Salt, 2 Buttermilk Smithing/Glaziering Quality Value increase
Baramily 2 Cabbage, 3 Cow Milk, 3 Sour Milk, 3 Wood Silences Cicada Cages
Domiati 5 Water, 15 Cow Milk, 2 Salt, 5 Wood End + Con

The Cheese page contains additional information for each variety including stats and potency.