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Funerary Temple

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Funerary Temple
Funerary Temple
Small Construction Site
Cost to Build
Boards 600
Concrete 250
Cut Stones 100
Firebricks 5,000
Gold 40
Iron Bars 50
Mirrors 4
Sheet Glass 16
Silver 200


Needed for the Test of Funerary Temple under the Architecture discipline. Built in a Small Construction Site.




Your temple gains glory and grows when you add Raeli Tiles to it. The variety of colors amounts for a better score than the raw quantity of any single color.

Temple Appearance

As the glory of the Funerary Temple gets higher, the appearance changes into fancier versions. When each threshold is reached, a new tier is added at the bottom of the structure.:

  • 1 tier from Glory 0 to 599
  • 2 tiers from Glory 600 to 4,999
  • 3 tiers from Glory 5,000 to 9,999
  • 4 tiers from Glory 10,000 to 49,999
  • 5 tiers from Glory 50,000 to ....

The colors of the windows of the Funerary Temple structure are based on which colors have the most tiles put into the temple.
When there is more than one color with the exact same number of tiles, the first alphabetical colors are shown.