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Cut Stone

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Cut Stone
Cut Stone
Weight 1
Bulk 1


Cut stone is produced on a Rock Saw



Shapes stone into a finished shape, making it suitable as a building material.

Building Count Verified
Acoustics Laboratory 25 ?
Fleet Furnace 30
Funerary Temple 100 ?
Hades Furnace 500 ?
Library of Alexandria 75 ?
Library of Alexandria 300
Modern Sheep Farm 125
Persephone Furnace 250 ?
User:Schrodinger 120 ?
Serpentarium 40
Skill/Kiln Construction/2 200 ?
Skill/Salvage Techniques/3 200 ?
Skill/Structure Repair/2 200 ?
Small Warehouse 10
Stella 10 ?
Technology/Chariot Repair/1 8 ?


Produced By

Steam Rock Saw

Required By

Acoustics Laboratory, Avian Selection, Cartouche, Ceremonial Voting Booth, Chariot Repair, Chemistry, Essence of Harmony, Fleet Furnace, Fleet Furnace, Funerary Temple, Funerary Temple, Glassblowing, Hades Furnace, Hades Furnace, Lapidary, Library of Alexandria, Library of Alexandria, Library of Alexandria, Megalopolis, Megalopolis Construction Site, Modern Sheep Farm, Modern Sheep Farm, Obelisk Construction, Papyrus Paper Fabrication, Persephone Furnace, Persephone Furnace, Serpentarium, Skill/Kiln Construction/2, Skill/Salvage Techniques/3, Skill/Structure Repair/2, Small Warehouse, Small Warehouse, Stable, Stella, Stella, Stonework, Technology/Chariot Repair/1, Test of Dancing Waters, Test of Ka, Test of Octec's Ghost, Test of Towers, Test of the Covered Cartouche, Test of the Empty Hand, Test of the Holy Shrine, Test of the Megalopolis, Test of the Seven Phoenix, Throne of Pharaoh