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Test of the Empty Hand

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The Test of the Empty Hand
The Test of the Empty Hand
(Test - Thought)

An ancient children's game of many variations. Invent your own variation on a giant mechanical tower and have it judged among Egypt's most challenging.


Test Description

Design an Empty Hand Puzzle, and invite others to solve your creation. They will rate your puzzle on how clever and satisfying the solution is. Remember that only people who actually solve it will qualify as judges.


  • Design an Empty Hand Puzzle and open it for Judging
  • Tear down your Empty Hand Puzzle, OR do the following:
    • Have 7 Judges solve and rate your Empty Hand
    • Design rated Good by most judges
  • All of the above, OR solve three recent winning Empty Hand Puzzles
  • Pass Test of Empty Hand

Talent Points

  • Design an Empty Hand Puzzle and open it for Judging (2 Talent Point) ?
  • Have 7 Judges solve and rate your Empty Hand (1 Talent Point) ?
  • Design rated Good by most judges (1 Talent Point) ?
  • Pass the Test (3 Talent Point) ?

Passing the Test

The 2 highest-rated puzzles each week will pass the Test.

Solving the Puzzle

Empty hand.png

Starting the game brings up an interface like the one above. Each set of pictures either side of the Swap button is a rule, which changes the block(s) on the left into the block(s) on the right. These rules can add or remove blocks, but blocks can only be added if there are some in the warehouse. The text at the top shows how many blocks are remaining in the warehouse. The Swap buttons which are raised denote that that particular rule is available given the current setup of the blocks on show.

The blocks which are in play, not in the warehouse, are shown in the top panel and can be moved left and right with the '<<' and '>>' buttons respectively.

In order to solve the puzzle, all blocks must be removed from the puzzle and be put back in the warehouse. In this example, the combination of Red-Yellow-Blue-Red blocks can be removed and replaced with no blocks, moving them all back into the warehouse and completing the game. So the objective of the game is to go from the starting configuration to the configuration which allows all the blocks to be removed, using the rules on display.

Empty Hand Tower Locations

Region Coordinates Owner Passed? Notes
VoQ 771 -4201 Augusta No Art park
VoQ 797 -4143 Redshift No Art park adjacent
Red Sea 1951 2090 Brucette No Art park, N of Avaris cs - Open
East Sinai 4231, 6702 Isabelin Yes A bit SW of TED cs
Red Sea 1818, 1949 Jazkar No Near Avaris CS

* Note: Some of these locations may no longer be valid because of players reusing passed towers for a different player's new design. If you know a listed location/design no longer exists, please delete the entry or note that it is gone and thus no longer a useful location for principles or additional Test of Judgment points.

Adding to the Map

To add to the map just copy the following line and change it into your values

(PinRdE) 943, -1779, Jyin, EHT 

Just adding to the table doesn't add to the map, you need to add the above line to the CondMap with the others

Empty Hand Towers Map