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Flax Gin

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Flax Gin
Flax Gin
Cost to Build
Bearings 20
Clay Bricks 800
Full Eye Sunstone 2
Flystone 8
Leather 100
Oil 150
Papyrus Basket 4
Rope 60
Brass Small Gears 40

Turns up to 200 Rotten Flax automatically, but slowly, into Lint, Straw and Tow. Needs *two* characters to start - one must Start the flax gin, while the other picks the Stabilize option on the Flax Gin's menu. The timing for this is not particularly tight - notably and conveniently, you will likely be able to spouse-log and have your spouse Stabilize the gins you Start. It is the only building in the game that absolutely and always requires two players to operate.

Flax Processing 3 (Skill) is required to build the flax gin, and may be necessary to operate/stabilize one.

Can be tuned with the Mechanics skill.

Upgrade the base and hopper

Improves the capacity to 600 Rotten Flax.

Further upgrade the base and hopper

Improves the capacity to 1200 Rotten Flax.

Other Upgrades

Flax Gins may be tuned using the Mechanics skill to run more quickly, and/or further upgraded with a Springbox to run more quickly still. Flax Gins with Springboxes may display unusual behavior: They process flax multiple units at a time, and simply stop if there is less Rotten Flax in the hopper than their unit for that step. It is seemingly possible to have a flax gin processing a non-integer amount of flax per step behind the scenes - this causes alternating amounts processed in successive steps, e.g. a gin processing 3.x will produce 3 flax one step, then 4 flax the next.