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Medium Beehive

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Medium Beehive
Medium Beehive
1 × 1
Cost to Build
Boards 30
Hive Frame 10
Nails 80

A Medium Beehive allows you to keep bees, which produce up to 300 Honey and 300 Beeswax and 100 Royal Jelly.


This building becomes available after you have learned Beekeeping 3 (Skill).



This type of Beehive does not attract a queen the same way as a Simple Beehive does. It needs to have a Queen Bee placed in it to start producing. Checking the beehive for wax, honey starts a focus timer.

Time between checks (how long time bees, honey, wax and royal jelly takes to replenish) is influenced on distance to other buildings it is believed. Under ideal conditions (no buildings nearby) time between checks should be about 24 hours.

Placement/Queen Flees

When you check the hive, you may notice there were bees, but you also get the message, "It looks like the Queen Bee has died or fled the Hive. Probably due to the nearby conditions." In this case, look in Main for additional information:

Message Inferred Meaning
Hmm, It looks dry around here Need water nearby
Hmm, The vegetation nearby is quite sparse (hive was built in desert)
Hmm, You see other Beehives in nearby, perhaps the competition is too great? Other hives too close. (65 coordinates is too close, not sure what is safe).
Hmm, You note yourself sinking into the ground. Too much ground water?

A Queen will also flee if the hive is not checked for too long (Medium 5 Duck Days, Large 10 Duck Days)


Researching distances: Please Note distance to other beehive, type of beehive and whether the medium beehive failed (queen fled/died) or worked.

  • Distance to simple beehives 15 coords, failed.
  • Distance to simple beehives 42 coords, works.
  • Distance to medium beehive 173 coords, works.
  • I was having problems with 62 and 65 coords to nearest buildings; Raeli Oven and Small Beehive... but I was well over a dozen coords from water. However, the only hint I got in Main was the competition one and removing the competing beehive only removed the hints. So water may have been the REAL issue. -Aperio, T10

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