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Test of the Funerary Temple

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The Test of the Funerary Temple
The Test of the Funerary Temple
(Test - Architecture)
Demonstration Cost

Test Description

Build a most glorious temple, in dazzling colors, to welcome spirits of those past back to earth.

Task List

Passing the Test

Each week, the two Funerary Temples with the highest Glory ratings pass the test.

Glory Calculation

Glory was changed to be log4 based in Tale 9.

Glory is calculated individually for each type of tile, then added. More tiles of the same type increase your glory, but there are diminishing returns: for example, 64 tiles of the same color only give as much glory as 4 tiles of different colours. So to maximize the glory of your temple, you should try to have many different colors. See the table below.

Tiles of the same color 1 2 4 16 64 128 256 512 1024 2048 4096 16384 65536
Glory for that color 100 135 200 300 400 450 500 550 600 650 700 800 900

In general, N tiles of one color give 100*(1+log4(N)) points for that color.

Or, if you don't have log4 on your calculator: 100*(1+log(N)/log(4)).

The glory value is rounded down to the nearest integer after summing up all individual colors (e.g. even though 3 of 1 color will give you 179, and 11 of another will give you 272, combined they will give you 452, since their fractional components still get added before rounding down for the final score).

Hints & Tips

  • Do not guild your temple! A guilded temple cannot pass.
  • A public temple, built by you, that others can add tiles too, can pass.