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Modern Sheep Farm

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Modern Sheep Farm
Modern Sheep Farm
Small Construction Site
Animal Husbandry 2
Cost to Build
Hard White Boards 250
Nontoxic White Boards 250
Bricks 2,000
Concrete 300
Cut Stone 125
Jugs 125
Linen 25
White Paint 50
Thermometer 1


You must have Animal Husbandry 2 (Skill).


Built in a Small Construction Site.

  • It is much larger than the Sheep Pen and can accommodate up to 50 sheep before they stop breeding. More sheep can be put in, if desired.
  • It is also more costly to build, but it may be worth it in place of 3-5+ normal Sheep Pens. Due to the difficulty of finding livestock dwelling insects, the Modern Sheep Farm may have a greater application in this telling.
  • Used to breed Sheep (Male Sheep and Female Sheep)
  • Recommend between 15 and 21 pairs of Sheep, depending on how frequently you are able to check on them.

Thistle Use

  • Modern sheep farms can be loaded with thistle to, at least in theory, prevent sheep pox. The requirements can be met by using thistle either average (~) or high (+) in the respective nutrients required. Previous reports indicated onion consumption might have been reduced, as well, but testing in prior tales has not borne that out.
  • Up to 50 thistle can be loaded at a time. One thistle converts to 1k thistle bits in the trough. Farms can hold over 50k thistle bits, but the thistle requirement will change after each addition of thistle. So, to increase inventory of thistle bits, add 50 thistle, get new requirements, add 50 more. Rinse and repeat until inventory is at the desired level.


There is definitely Nitrogen pollution created when there are 60 sheep in the pen. Appears that fewer sheep created less pollution. Needs more testing. 6 November 2013~Zotep