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18 x 17
Cost to Build
Cut Stone 12
Firebricks 240
Iron Pot 1
Leather 20
Small Topaz 10

A Reactory is a building used to combine finished metals into alloys, using resin as a catalyst. The process also requires charcoal.


This building becomes available after you have learned the Metallurgy 1 tech.

Also, Metallurgy 1 or higher must be learned to operate an already constructed Reactory. Higher levels of Metallurgy allow increasingly more alloy types that can be crafted.


Built in a Compound. Uses 18x17 cells.

Hopper Upgrades

Once a reactory is built, it may be upgraded to allow larger batches. This requires further levels of Structure Improvement to install the upgrades, but not to use it. Upgrades must be installed in order, e.g. you must install the 2x upgrade before you can install the 4x upgrade.

An upgraded reactory allows you to choose the batch size to use when starting a new alloy. The initial charcoal, resin, metal costs, and final alloy yield are multiplied by the batch size (note: due to rounding, the yield may not be exactly scaled - see individual alloy pages for details).

The cost to reheat a large batch does not increase. It always costs 3 charcoal and 1 resin to reheat, regardless of batch size. This means that reheats are effectively cheaper for larger batches.

2x Hopper Upgrade Cost - requires Structure Improvement 2

4x Hopper Upgrade Cost - requires Structure Improvement 3

7x Hopper Upgrade Cost - requires Structure Improvement 4?


To produce a normal-sized batch of an alloy requires an alloy-specific combination of metals and Resin, and 5 Charcoal to fuel the Reactory. Larger batch sizes in an upgraded reactory scale the required inputs according to the batch size.

An alloy must be "crystallized" by working the reactory, observing a number of rings and clicking in specific places. The yield of the reactory depends on how well this is done. See the Alloys page for more details and current theories.

After an alloy has crystallized, you have the option of either accepting the yield and taking the alloy, or reheating the batch. Reheating the batch costs 1 Resin and 3 Charcoal, and allows you to try to crystallize the alloy again for a better yield. You can repeatedly reheat a batch as many times as you like before finally taking the alloy. Note that Octec's Alloy cannot be reheated normally, but there is a trait in Smith to allow it to be reheated once.

Alloy Needed metals
(for 1x batch)
Resin type Circles
Metallurgy 0
Steel 7 Iron, 1 Zinc, 1 Coal Resin:Towering Palm 9
Metallurgy 1
Brass 7 Copper, 1 Zinc Resin:Stout Palm 10
Metallurgy 2
Bronze 7 Copper, 1 Tin Resin:Fern Palm 11
Metallurgy 3
Pewter 7 Iron, 4 Antimony, 1 Brass Resin:Royal Palm
Electrum 7 Gold, 7 Silver Resin:Locust Palm
Metallurgy 4
Sun Steel 7 Steel, 3 Brass, 3 Bronze Resin:Umbrella Palm
Metallurgy 5
Moon Steel 7 Steel, 3 Brass, 3 Pewter Resin:Hawthorn
Metallurgy 6
Water Metal 7 Steel, 4 Moon Steel, 3 Silver Resin:Pratyeka Tree
Metallurgy 7
Thoth's Metal 7 Steel, 4 Moon Steel, 4 Sun Steel Resin:Folded Birch
Metallurgy 8
Metal Blue 7 Steel, 5 Thoth's Metal, 5 Water Metal, 4 Platinum Resin:Cerulean Blue
Metallurgy 9
Octec's Alloy 7 Steel, 5 Thoth's Metal, 5 Water Metal, 4 Cobalt Resin:Oil Palm