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Skill/Salvage Techniques

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Salvage Techniques
Salvage Techniques


Allows you to recover part of the materials of a building when you tear it down. In previous Tellings, it followed a 'diminishing returns' pattern, with some variance for each material. Fractional values will be rounded up that percentage of the time. For instance, if you are at level 3 and you salvage a building with just one of a particular resource, you will get that one resource back 75% of the time.

Buildings that are upgraded (such as the Reactory, Thistle Garden, Kitchen, etc.) will ONLY return the original build cost. You will NOT salvage the materials used in any upgrades.

Salvage Techniques will NOT recover materials from compounds, nor from buildings which are too far degraded to use.

Unless something has changed, the tuition for Salvage Techniques levels can be completed in any order. The first paid gives level zero, the next gives level one, etc.


Level Requirements Unlocks

Level 0

  • Recover 40% of materials
Level 1

  • Recover 60% of materials
Level 2

  • Recover 75% of materials
Level 3

  • Recover 80% of materials
Level 4

  • Recover 85% of materials
Level 5

  • Recover 95% of materials