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Sturdy Brick Mould

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Sturdy Brick Mould
Sturdy Brick Mould
5 x 5
Cost to Build
Boards 18
Nails 36

An Sturdy Brick Mould is a building for making Bricks, Wet Firebricks, and Wet Clay Bricks. It is a superior version of the Flimsy Brick Mould as it has twice the capacity and never falls apart - actually, they do break now in T10 and require 1/3 the mats of a new one to fix; this is apparently one of main selling points of the new telling. Sturdy Brick Mould are built with Nails and must be built Outside.

It requires Brick Making 3 (Skill) to make.


This building becomes available once you've learned the Advanced Brick Fabrication Tech. - It can be learned at a University of Architecture.

Also requires Carpentry 3 (Skill).


Built Outside.

Sturdy Brick Moulds can break upon use, regardless of skill level.