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A Swinery (sometimes called a Sty) is used to house and breed pigs. A wild pig can be led to a sty by dropping wheat near it.

To build a Swinery, you first need to build a ranch from

The ranch must be upgraded with either a food trough or water trough before it can be converted to a swinery. Even though it is technically possible to build a swinery with only one trough, it is strongly advised to provide the pigs with both food and water.

Food Trough

Water Trough (capacity 500)

  • 100 Boards
  • 10 Tar
  • 1 Tin Sheeting
  • 20 Nails

And then a player with Ranching 2 and Animal Husbandry 1 (Skill) can upgrade the ranch to a Swinery with:

The upgrade option does call them "Pigsties", but the completed upgrade is labelled as a Swinery.

The water trough can be upgraded while it is a Ranch, or after it becomes a Sty. The cost and capacity are the same in either case

Water Trough Upgrade (Holds max of 1000 water):

  • 20 Black, Termite-resistant, Nontoxic Boards